Passo32 - Linea Fe. Sedia in ferro spazzolato e Valcromat laccato lucido

Fe. Line

Passo32 - Fe. Line

Charlotte Perriand, French architect and designer, considered among the founders of contemporary design, loved to remember that her sensitivity for simple furniture had developed during her stay in a nursing home, where she had been able to admire rooms furnished with the luxury of essentiality .

There he had begun to awaken the luxuriously decorated and excessively opulent furniture of his house; there his idea of ​​a design that was clean in form and substance took root.
With the Fe line. we let ourselves be won over by the charm of hospital furniture and decided to reinterpret and update its shapes and materials. We have tried to give new dignity to simplicity, to the "luxury of essentiality".

The selection of innovative wooden materials, with high chromatic value, combined with iron, gave us a solid but light line, simple but sophisticated, of a sober but unique elegance.

Furnishing accessories which, thanks to their determination of character, lend themselves both to furnishing the environment in a unique way and to finding a place as a counterpoint to different styles.

Project and realization by Romano Venturi

Fe. Line Documents

Technical sheet and Brochure in PDF format

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Technical data

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Technische daten

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